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2007 Bambi vs. Bandit

Deer causes bike crash on 404 – News – Deer causes bike crash on 404 
June 30, 2007 
Rachel De Lazzer
Staff Reporter

An accident involving a deer and four motorcyclists on Highway 404 led police to close the southbound lanes until around 11:30 p.m. 
The accident occurred when a deer wandered into the highway near Davis Dr., said Sgt. Rob Michaud with Ontario Provincial Police. One of the motorcyclists hit the deer, which was killed. The motorcyclist was taken to hospital to be treated for non life-threatening injuries, while the other motorcyclists were treated on scene. 

It was a Friday night of the Canada Day long weekend, back on July 30th 2007, and I’d hopped onto my 2001 Suzuki Bandit GSF600s and wandered over to Tim Horton’s in Newmarket to meet up with my friends and see what they were up to. Quite a few bikes trickled in and we decided we’d head out for a ride. Where? I didn’t care.

Sergei’s brand new 2007 GSX-R 1000 with 67km on the odometer.

Jeff on his Repsol Honda

Treyomi showed up on her Ninja 250

Sheri was on a 2004 Ninja 250 as well

Time to gear up and get some gas.

I made the mistake of inviting a couple of guys from Bradford ride with us, and after fuelling up and heading East on Green Lane from Yonge Street, they thought it would be a great idea to do stand up wheelies while in the group. Thanks, but F@$% off and go find some body who appreciates that sort of thing. They took off and we headed North up to Mt. Albert Sideroad and Woodbine to say goodnight to Carrie and Dan, as she was still riding under an M1 License and had to park her RF600 before full dark.

I’m behind the camera for this shot.

We figured we’d head south down Highway 404, hit the Lawrence ramps on the DVP and head on over to Elements, an all night biker hangout that was sure to have some long weekend action going on, but before heading out, we all said that we’d prefer not to get any tickets, as a couple of us had incurred the wrath of the man and had accumulated some yellow toilet paper as a result. So we’d head south on Woodbine, across Green Lane and then continue south on the 404 right on down to Lawrence East… Or so we thought…

Have a look at the toe of the boot in this shot…

4 years later it’s ready to roll on the road again as a rat bike. 🙂