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2012 Queen Vicky’s Ride or “The GTASportriders Dine Out”

The Blue Ridge Parkway as seen from the valley
Day 1 – Richmond Hill ON to Hagerstown MD

Wobbly Cat doing what he loves to do.

Day 2 – Hagerstown MD to Roanoke VA

Be careful out there kids, I was about to pass this guy, but thought he might have some trouble holding his line.

Day 3 – Roanoke VA to Frostburg MD

 The others would take this path, whereas I was feeling a bit more adventurous:

Day 3 Alternate – Roanoke VA to Frostburg MD

Day 4 – Frostburg MD to Richmond Hill ON

Truth be told, it was raining when we started out this morning in Frostburg, and the consensus was to book it back to Toronto via Garmin’s “Faster time” as opposed to my elaborate Day 4 route, so that is what we did.

It was the fastest border crossing ever!!!

Google Map links:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

GPS Data in Garmin GDB format: